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Mar +Markus I Family Pages.

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This is Mar +Markus I (Miller) Family Home page.

The Miller's Family Coat Of Arms we use.

This Coat Of Arms has been set up for this part of our Miller (Von Muller)Family and the layout was by Sir Wayne Mark Miller, BS, now on medical retirement, and has been approved by this part of the Miller family. 

The Coat Of Arms is based on our personal Family Files and History being born of Nobility. The Family came to the USA in 1924 from Prussia. After which they changed their name by law from Von Muller to Miller.
Some more background on; The Most Rev.Mark I. Miller ,OSB, JCD, Ph.D.(Mar +Markus I) Patriarch, Prince and Knight was born on August 18, 1927 and was adopted,after the death of his Mother and Father in a car wreck, he was adopted by a Family in Kansas

Our Beloved Patriarch Birthday is: Aug.18th. His Marirage is: Aug. 25th been married Over 49yrs.

However, +Mark I. Miller and his family changed their name back to his father name of Miller in 1975, by court Order from his adopted name.
He has been in the Church since 1958. He was Ordined a Priest in 1963-1964 and Bishop in 1965

He was Vote Patriarch in 1967 and took the name Mar +Markus I..He (The Patriarch) is listed in Who's Who in religion 1992-1993 And shall be listed in The Heritage Registry of Who's Who 2006-2007 and other places..

This answers the question asked. Thank you.
God Blessing Be With You,

Sir Mark Christopher Charles Miller-is a Knight and now a Screen Writer and Actor, and the Patriarch youngest Son, has 2 + Books out so you can buy them.

Our beloved Patriarch belongs to the: Sovereign Hospitaler Order Of St. John Of Jerusalem, Inc. Hold the Ranks of Grand Prior,Prince, Knight also he has the Cross of Justice. given on Nov. 29,1964 and a Award from The Order Of St. Christopher in 1988.
Mar +Markus I,(Miller) name has been place on
in the Civil Rights Memorial Center in Montgomery, Alabama, USA, in 2005.

Sir Mark Christopher Charles. Miller,BFA
Knight Screen Writer and Actor & The Patriarch's youngest Son.

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